Congratulations on completing the requirements and agreeing to serve as a Host Administrator for your local facility.  

HOST Administrators are responsible for:

  • Creating Tier 1 learning sessions hosted by their organization
  • Inviting and aligning Tier 1 Trainers and Tier 2 Certified Trainers to learning sessions that are created
  • Accessing the online HOST Administrators Community to network with peers, gain best practice experiences and access additional trainings and/or other resources to help in the role
  • Ensuring availability of participants' training materials, to include ordering through FedEx if warranted
  • Ensuring notification of session cancellations and returning any fees collected
  • Ensuring dedicated space for up to 30 participants
  • Ensuring minimum enrollment of 10 participants
  • Completing a Host Site Evaluation Form for each Tier 1 or Tier 2 Certified Trainer


Host Administrators have the ability in Spillett Leadership University (SLU) to:

  • Create and Edit Instructor Led Sessions (i.e. classroom training).  Attendance for these sessions is reconciled by the assigned instructor.  
  • Create Training Order Forms to streamline end user session registration process for conferences.
  • Purchase and track Key Code Training units on behalf of their facility to be applied as payment by local end users when and instructor led sessions are set up with a price to offset Tier 2 Certified Trainer costs (honorariums and travel expenses).

Please note:

  • Instructors can only reconcile rosters for sessions for which they are the designated instructor. It is therefore critical when creating a new session that you always populate the assigned instructor so that they can view and manage the session roster.
  • Confer with your organization’s assigned Training Facility Owner (TFO) if a training facility/location will be used for an upcoming instructor led session but does not yet exist in SLU.  TFOs have the ability to add new training facilities to the system.
  • When Tier 2 Certified Trainers are requested by an organization to facilitate a session, the organization is responsible for covering the instructor honorarium and travel cost. Funds are collected via registration fees. This requires Host Admins to set a per student session estimated price that they believe will cover the cost of the session’s instructor and fees. Any deficits for the session will need to be paid to BGCA. If an organization chooses to pay upfront for their participants instead of their learners paying via individual credit card, they may purchase training units. A code will be provided to the organization’s users that they can apply at time of registration to bypass the registration fee. Organizations will need to ensure they closely monitor their training unit balances on an ongoing basis.

This guide provides detail instruction on how to perform these tasks in SLU.  Please review this guide and retain for future reference.