1. Logon to BGCA.net and access SLU
  2. Select ILT and Select Manage Events & Sessions



3. Enter criteria (optional) and click SEARCH to locate the ILT Event (i.e. training) you need to create a session

4. Once the ILT Event desired is found, click the View Sessions icon [   ]

5. Click  to create and begin the process

6. Enter the options for the session in the wizard presented



Schedule Wizard

The Schedule Wizard helps establish the frequency of the ILT.  They can be offered in the following manner:

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Also, the start date for this ILT is selected.  
 When selecting a recurring ILT there will be options for selecting the start and end dates, the frequency, or any other specifics needed to ensure scheduling meets user’s requirements.


Parts Schedule

Each session can be broken up into parts if required to provide even further detail of the ILT.  For example, there could be an ILT that has a session that is a full day of training.     This training could be broken up into 2 parts, one for the morning and the other for the afternoon.  The Parts Scheduling can provide the details as to when the activity will start, have breaks, and ultimately end.



The details page covers details of the ILT such as the setting instructors, learning outcomes, KPI’s.  Specific attachments needed for the session can be added at this point.  Specific registration information can also be configured at this point.


Sets who may register for and access this session as well as any specific requirements, such as approvals, for those users and this ILT Session.


Selects the sort of notification emails that a user will receive for this activity.  The options are to either utilize system default email notifications, to not use email notifications, or to customize what notifications are to be utilized.


Configures any pricing structure utilized for this learning activity


Provides a summary of the options selected in a single displayable page

7. In this example, we are creating a one-day session that starts on August 15, 2017

8. Click Next


9. Enter the name for the session (e.g. NY / NY 9am - 5pm Session)

10. Select the location by clicking the selection action item next to the entry box