13. Click Add Instructor


14. Search and select yourself as the instructor by clicking on your name


15. Ensure you are set as primary and click DONE on the next screen

16. Set the Start Date / Time and End Date / Time

17. Click Save Part at the bottom of the wizard

18. Confirm the session part has the correct information (start / end | location | instructor) and click NEXT >>

NOTE: if you need to make changes click the Edit icon

19. Enter the Details for the Session | NOTE: Session ID is not required and may be left blank[TA1]  

 [TA1]Ty – will this be required as users may be coming through

20. Enter or Update the Registration information




21. Update waitlist information if necessary


22. Add pre-requisites, pre-work and post-work for the session23. Click the Next >> button at the bottom when you have entered and verified the information.



24. On the availability screen click the Next >> button


25. Verify the information on the Summary Page and once satisfied click the Save button at the bottom of the page.  


NOTE: use the links on the left or buttons on the bottom to go back and make any needed changes.