Tier 1 and Tier 2 certified trainers have the ability in Spillett Leadership University to create and manage Instructor Led Sessions (i.e. classroom training), as well as manage the rosters for them. This guide provides the steps and processes to create and manage the ILT sessions and the rosters associated with them.  Please note:

  • Sessions can only be viewed and managed when the trainer is the designated instructor (in SLU) for the session; it is therefore critical when creating a new session that you select yourself as the instructor so that you will have visibility to the session after its creation.

  • When creating a session choose the facility that accurately reflects where the training session will take place.  If you can’t find the specific training facility in SLU, contact the local Host organization’s designated Training Facility Owner to check whether it needs to be set up in SLU. The Training Facility Owner is the individual who has permissions to add training facilities for their organization.

  • Only learners with an active bgca.net/SLU account can be added to the roster.