• Search and select the desired location by clicking next to it

    NOTE: click the expand icon [] to drill down into the children of a location. Be sure to choose the specific location where the session will be held (this will be reflected in emails to students, etc.)You may also search for a location if you know the name or can approximate it. While not reflected in the below screen captures, local facility owners may add additional HOST facilities as child locations to their club locations (e.g., meeting rooms, schools, churches, etc.) allowing you to specify more a specific location for the training session.


  • After you select the Location/Facility, the Facility Details screen opens where you confirm your choice.  DO NOT click the Confirmation Required box.  If you do, your session will be in a pending approval status until/unless the facility owner ‘approves’ your use of the training location.  Click ‘Done’ to confirm your location choice.

  • You are returned to the Edit Part screen where your location selection now appears.