• Enter the Details for the Session | NOTE: Session ID is optional, but can be useful as the text you enter in this field is visible to end users and can help you find sessions easier if you use a consistent naming convention when creating sessions.



  • Enter or Update the Registration information.  This section inherits default settings from the Event but you can override.   Guidelines:
    1. Attendance:  This should always be greater than zero.  If zero, a registrant receives a completed status for the training even if they are marked as absent when reconciling the attendance.
    2. Registration Deadline:  Indicate how many days/hours/minutes prior or after the session start date that people can register for the session.  If you get a lot of walk-ins at your sessions, you might want to set it to something like 1 hour after the start date/time so that you can have the walk-in register during the session to be captured on the roster. This field is optional and only to be used for registration purposes.
    3. Minimum Registration:  This is a soft minimum which creates a threshold for you for deciding whether to proceed or cancel a session that has low registration.  The system will NOT automatically cancel the session.  It’s up to you to make that decision and act on it. This field is optional and only to be used for registration purposes.
    4. Maximum Registration: Once the maximum registrations are reached, anyone else requesting the session will be placed on a waitlist (managed by the system) unless you add additional seats via editing the session or via the Roster Add Users function. This field is optional and only to be used for registration purposes.



  • Update waitlist information if applicable for registration purposes.  It is recommended that you choose the best practice settings shown in the below screen shot.  When set this way, the first person on the waitlist is automatically registered for the session if a seat opens.  This avoids delays and unfilled seats that can occur if someone granted a seat fails to act.  If they can no longer attend, they can withdraw from the session and the seat will then be granted to the next person on the waitlist.



  • Do not add any prerequisites to the session.  If any apply, they will already appear (inherited from the Event level).   Pre-work and Post-work are also discouraged as adding these at the session level would likely result in inconsistent experiences for students from one session to another.  Pre-work and post-work can also affect the student’s completion status.


  • Click the Next >>button at the bottom when you have entered and verified the information.