Training in Progress

4.To view a user’s transcript from the Users admin page, locate the individual and using the drop down arrow, click on View Transcript.




NOTE: You may also access their transcript by clicking on Transcript from the top menu of the individual’sUser Record. 



5.The Transcript page is presented displaying the aggregate time spent in training for the fiscal period listed.







Below, the transcript lists the Active training (currently in progress) by default.



6.To view the individual’s progress through the curriculum player click Open Curriculum.



7.The curriculum player is presented allowing you to explore the content and view the individual’s progress by opening and accessing the details within any section of the curriculum.




Click to expand sections within the curriculum.



Click View Details to open and view the individual’s progress within the section



Checkmarks appear for completed items within the curriculum.




8.To view all items within a curriculum and the individual’s progress click the Training Details button at the top of the curriculum player window.



9.The Training Details list appears allowing you to scroll through the items within the curriculum to view the individual’s progress.




10.To return to the previous screen click the

button located at the bottom of the page.