Training Facility Owners (TFOs) have the ability in Spillett Leadership University to

  • View training facilities owned by them, and create new training facilities as needed
  • Create and Edit Instructor Led Sessions (i.e. classroom training).  Attendance for these sessions is reconciled by the assigned instructor.  
  • Create Training Order Forms to streamline end user session registration process for conferences.
  • Nominate delegates for Host Administrator role at their host facility

Please note:

  • Instructors can only reconcile rosters for sessions for which they are the designated instructor. It is therefore critical when creating a new session that you always populate the assigned instructor so that they can view and manage the session roster.
  • When creating a session choose the facility that accurately reflects where the training session will take place.  If the specific training facility doesn’t currently exist in SLU, you may create it, but you must make it a child facility of your local host facility and designate yourself as its owner.

This guide provides detail instruction on how to perform these tasks in the SLU system.  Please review this guide but also retain it as a reference as it will help to answer questions that may occur to you later.