Training Facility is populated in SLU training sessions so that instructors and participants know where to go to attend the training.  In SLU, Training Facility Owners have rights to view and edit any facility for whom they are the assigned ‘Owner.’  They are also able to create/add new training facilities where local training sessions may be held.  It is recommended that known training facilities be proactively added to the system as soon as you know of them.  Occasionally you may be asked to add outside training facilities such as hotels, etc.

Note:   Within SLU and this document, the terms Facility and Location are interchangeable.  The Facility /Location is an Organizational Unit type.  

  • On a user’s profile, it is referred to as Location and is the geographic work location to which the user is assigned.  This can be a region, State, city or local organization site.  
  • The Location Org Unit is also leveraged for purposes of training facilities (buildings or rooms where classroom training sessions are held).  

Below is a general context for how it will be referred to in SLU:


User’s assigned geographic work location


Building or room where training is conducted