• Logon to BGCA.net and access SLU
  • Navigate to ILT and select Facilities and Resources


  • On the Facilities and Resources screen, Training Facility Owners (TFOs) see their own host organization, because they were assigned as its owner when their Training Facility Owner Request form was approved.  If you are a TFO and can navigate to this screen but do not see your local organization, contact the SLU Help Desk for assistance.
  • From the Facilities & Resources screen the TFO may
    1. View all facilities for which they are the assigned ‘owner.’
    2. Search for a facility by name
    3. Edit details of those facilities via the Edit icon
    4. Create new training facilities via the ‘Add Facility’ link

  • A gray plus sign to the left of a facility indicates it has one or more child facilities.  Click the icon to drill down and view the lower level facilities.