• Name – This should be a descriptive name that is intuitive to other administrators and end users.  Remember this is a training facility name that will appear to registered students.
  • ID – Every facility/location should have a unique ID.  We recommend naming convention that closely mirrors the name of the facility.   No two facilities may have the same ID.
  • Parent – You MUST add your local Host BGC Organization as the PARENT of any new facilities you create.  This builds a hierarchy of locations/facilities.  
    1. Click the box next to parent to open a popup window where you may click on your Host facility to choose it as parent.  Only facilities you own will appear for selection.
  • Owner – You MUST add yourself as OWNER of any new facilities you create.  Your ability to view facilities is limited to facilities you own; if you fail to add yourself as facility owner, you will not be able to view the facility later
    1. Click the box next to Owner to search for and add yourself as owner of the facility.   While other users appear in the search results, you must ALWAYS add yourself as owner.
  • Time Zone – Time zone is a required field for all facilities.  When creating a training session, the time zone of the facility is leveraged and is key to displaying training times according to the appropriate time zone for all users.