• Logon to BGCA.net and access SLU


  • Select ILT and Select Manage Events & Sessions



  • Enter criteria (optional) and click SEARCH to locate the ILT Event (i.e. training) for which you need to create a session


  • Once the ILT Event desired is found, click the View Sessions icon [ View Sessions ]    Note: You can only view sessions created by yourself or others from your organization.


  • Click ‘Create New <Event name> Session to begin scheduling a new session

  •   The Schedule Wizard appears.  Choose ‘Once’ if you are scheduling a single session.   If you are setting up multiple sessions that are scheduled according to a repeatable pattern (such as every Monday, or the first Wednesday of every month) choose the option that aligns to that pattern.  Specify the Start Date for the session.  If scheduling a series of sessions, enter the start date of the first session in your series.


  • In this example, we are creating a single session that starts on October 2, 2019.   Click Next

 The Parts Schedule step opens.  The Part Name will default to ‘1.’  If you add additional parts (e.g. a morning part and an afternoon part) the additional parts will default to sequential numbers. 

  You may override the part names to be more descriptive (e.g., Morning/Afternoon or Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.).  You may also insert an optional part description.