To help you understand how the Training Order Form benefits conference registrants, below is a step by step illustration of the end user registration experience.  


  • From the home page of SLU, users click the ‘My Activities’ link.


  • On the My Learning screen, the ‘Conference/Local Event Registration’ widget displays up to ten training order forms. Click on the ‘view’ link to begin registration.


  • The order form opens with a menu of session choices to select from.  Notice the details area of the below example includes a coupon code that can be used to register for free.  Since the list of available sessions doesn’t display dates/times a workshop summary schedule is also included in the details area.  The user checks the boxes of their session choices and clicks ‘Add to Cart.’




  • The chosen sessions appear in the person’s shopping cart.  Notice each session appears in the cart at a price of one cent ($0.01).  The registrant can paste the coupon code into the field at the bottom of the screen and click apply to offset the cost.




  • After the coupon is applied, notice the price of each session is discounted to zero and the total price is also zero.  The registrant then clicks the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button to continue the transaction.






  • Because the price is now zero, the payment step is skipped over and the registrant needs merely to click the ‘Place Order’ button to complete the transaction.






  • The confirmation page appears, and the transaction is complete.


  • After completing the transaction, if the person navigates to their transcript page, they will see they are registered for the sessions that were ‘purchased’ via the shopping cart.