Once you’ve created all the conference training sessions, you are now ready to create the training order form.  Please note that this functionality will not be available to you until completion of the Training Facility Owner Curriculum or Host Admin Curriculum. Please allow 24 hours from completion for the system to update your permissions.


  • Navigate to:  Admin > Tools > Learning > Training Form Management > Manage Training Order Forms

Pro tip:  Notice the ‘push pin’ icon next to the page link.  You can click that icon to ‘pin’ the link to the sidebar menu of pinned links for easier navigation to this page.




  • Click the ‘Create New Training Order Form’ link to begin


  • The create page opens.  You must first populate the Title, Page Header and Description
    1. TITLE – What you type here will appear to people when viewing the list of available order forms from the Conference Registration page.  Make sure the title includes the date and location of the conference. (Character limit: 50)
    2. PAGE HEADER - What you type here appears at the top of the order form when people open it.   The character limit is higher for this field, so you can spell out what you may have needed to abbreviate on the title line.  Again, make sure it includes the key information of date and location. (Character limit: 100)
    3. DESCRIPTION – This is where you provide important details about the conference.   If a coupon code will be available, list that code here.  It is also advisable to include a summary of conference sessions and times (if you don’t the user must click on each session individually to see its start and end times).   In Design mode, basic formatting tools are available.  In HTML mode you can add code, insert graphics and links etc. to make the form more visually appealing.  (Character limit: 2000)

  • Click the blue plus sign icon to search for and add the ILT sessions  that will take place at the conference/event.

  • Filter your search by selecting Event.
  • Type the names of the sessions and then click Search. 


  • Drill down to select the specific sessions that correspond with the conference. Note: It will display the session start date and time and also the session locator number.  Click the blue plus sign icon to add the session to your training order form.   Repeat this process until you have added all the appropriate sessions to your order form.  Click the ‘Done’ button at the bottom of the page once complete.





  • The conference sessions now appear in the middle section of the form.


  • Availability – The final step before saving your form is to specify to which audience the form will be available.  This controls who will be able to see the form when viewing the Conference Registration screen.  Ideally the availability here should be the same availability that was set for the sessions themselves.  The only exception might be if certain conference sessions have a narrower availability than others.  In that case, the order form should be available to the broader audience.  If one or more of the conference sessions has a more limited availability, those sessions will appear to some people but not all when viewing the order form.

Click the drop down selector to choose an org unit type first.  In most cases ‘Division’ is recommended.  Your constraint limitations will appear to you in red text.  You have the ability to make an order form available to anyone across BGC divisions, but it is strongly recommended that you consider and select the appropriate audience.  For example, if the conference will be held in the midwest, it probably makes sense to limit availability to midwest divisions, as travel costs for those outside the region would likely be cost prohibitive.

If you want to limit availability to a specific club, you can search by name at any time in the Title field.  Otherwise you can drill down through the BGC hierarchy until you reach the level you want.   The below example shows some drilled down to the State level.  Click the gray plus sign icon to drill down to a lower level.  To select a value for the availability, click on the name of the Division. For example, if you click on ‘Illiniois’ you could make the form available to anyone in the State of Illinois.


In the below example, Illinois is chosen.  The ‘Include Subordinate’ checkbox means that the child Divisions (club cities) of Illinois will also be included (i.e., Alton, Bethalto, Bloomington, etc.)


When you have added the appropriate availability, you are ready to save your Training Order Form.  As soon as it is saved, it is visible to anyone within the availability you set.   You can return to this screen at any time to make edits should they be needed.