When viewing the Training Order Form screen, you will see forms created by other administrators in addition to your own.   This unfortunately cannot be prevented.   Therefore it is important that as an administrator, you are careful to not edit or delete the forms of other administrators, as this could lead to disruption of their conference registration process.

For this reason you may want to use a consistent naming convention for your forms and/or a special code at the end of the form name.   Be aware that the form title does appear to end users on the My Learning screen, so the code should be subtle so as not to cause confusion.  A good example is “May 2020 Atlanta All Staff_Atlanta, GA.”

If you have trouble distinguishing your form from others when needing to edit it, you may click the edit icon for forms to view their details.  Be careful not to save changes to a form if is not your event.

Lastly, you may use the copy feature to copy a previous form for a faster build out. Please be sure to adjust the appropriate details before saving it as a new form.