On the availability screen you specify the target audience who can register for this session.   Generally, it is recommended that you make your sessions available to people who are geographically close to the training location (<50 miles) to avoid unnecessary travel expenses for people attending the session.  Use the Division org unit type to limit availability by Region, State(s) and/or Organization(s) by the following:

  • Select Division using the “Select Criteria” drop down menu.
  • Click on the  icon to open the search window.
  • Search and select the desired availability by entering focal parts of the division name and click Search OR by clicking   next to the division title.

NOTE: Click the expand icon [] to drill down into the children of a division.  

  • Click Done once complete.

Other Guidelines:

  • Include Subordinates–Always check this box; it ensures that any child divisions or child locations to the level you choose is included in the availability.
  • Pre-Approved – This should be checked so that the person does not need to secure an approval via the system to attend.  Most people do not have a manager designated in SLU currently, so pre-approval is best.
  • Register Upon Approval – This should always be checked to save the student a step in the process. If not checked, they must visit their transcript page to manually register for the session after requesting it. This can cause students confusion who may not realize they need to take this extra step.