When aligning Tier 2 Certified Trainers, Training Facility Owners and HOST Administrators are encouraged to utilize, when possible, facilitators located within 50-mile of training facility locations.

  • Alignment of Tier 1 Trainers to sessions:
    • Tier One Trainers will not be paid an honorarium or fees
  • Alignment of Tier 2 Certified Trainers to sessions:
    • When Training Facility Owner and/or HOST Administrators request a Tier 2 Certified Trainer from another organization, the HOST organization is responsible for ensuring payment of the contracted amount for any approved fee-based session.  Funds can be paid either exclusively by the organization or collected through participant registration fees.  Organizations can also provide complimentary registration to select individuals.
    • Tier 2 Certified Trainers will not receive honorarium or fees for facilitating Tier 1 learning opportunities for their HOST organization.

Note:  Ultimately, BGCA will collect all SLU training payments.  Upon receipt from the instructor and verification and approval of final reconciliation and submission of invoices and receipts, the instructor's reimbursement payment will be processed from BGCA's revolving training account based on the identified transaction. Should a discrepancy exist between the charges billed to BGCA by the instructor and the actual fees collected during registration, the HOST Organization is responsible for ensuring any deficits are paid back to BGCA within 30 days of notification of the outstanding balance. Should an overage occur, BGCA will reimburse the HOST Organization accordingly.