After a user has purchased key code training units, a new screen is made available to them to keep track of the training unit balance and allows them to retrieve the key code number if it has been misplaced.

  • Hover over the Learning tab and click Monitor Your Training Units. (Note, the user may need to log out and log back in to gain access to this new link if it is their first training unit purchase).
  • The key code training unit management screen opens, displaying all your previous key code training unit purchases.  
    1. If all training units for a key code have been used, that key code purchase is hidden by default but can be displayed via the checkbox on the screen.
    2. The table displays training units purchased, quantity assigned (used), and current available balance (unused).
  • Click the View icon in the Options column to view details about the training unit purchase, including the key code number.


  • The view screen displays key information about the key code, including date purchased, contact/owner (person who purchased the key code), quantity purchased and the Key code number.  Copy the key code number for pasting into fields that require the key code number.