As soon as your inventory purchase is complete, you may begin assigning your purchased seats to the learners of your choice (they must be people from your own club).  To access your inventory and assign seats to people:

  • Hover your mouse on the Gear icon in the top right corner of the portal and click on My Account from the dropdown menu that appears. 
  • You arrive on your My Account Settings screen.  Click on My Orders from the side menu.


  • From the My Orders screen, click the View Inventory button that appears on the top right.


  • Your Training Inventory screen appears, showing all inventory purchases you have made.  For each purchase, it displays what training title/session was purchased, quantity purchased, quantity assigned to learners, and quantity remaining for assignment.  Click on the down arrow icon (Assign Users) to distribute unused seats to learners.

  • The Assign Training screen opens.  Check boxes next to the names of people who should attend the training you purchased.  You do not have to assign all seats at once.  You may return to this screen at any time to continue assignment.  In the upper right of the screen, it shows how many seats you have left to assign.  Click the Submit button at the bottom left of the screen when all assignees are chosen.

  • You are returned to the main Training Inventory screen.  Be aware that your new assignments take a few minutes to show up here (the system needs time to push those assignments to the people’s transcripts.)  If you return to the screen after five minutes, they should appear (if not, wait a little longer in case there is a delay.

  • When these inventory assignments are completed, the learners you chose will be registered for the session and will receive a confirmation email from SLU to let them know.
  • Click on the View Enrollments icon to view a list of all people who were assigned one of your inventory seats.  Be aware that on this screen it shows every user who was EVER assigned one of your seats, even if they later withdrew from the session.  If you click the Options icon for a learner who appears on this screen, you can see whether they are still registered for the session.  Do not worry if the number of assigned learners on this screen appears to be more than you purchased.  The system is keeping track of withdrawals, substitutions and reassignments and will not let more seats be assigned than are purchased.