Getting Started

Access to Spillett Leadership University requires that you have a account. If have not registered for, please sign up and once your account is approved by your CEO or their assigned delegate you may then use to access Spillett Leadership University. Login

  1. Go to

  1. Enter your username and password


  1. Click Sign in

  1. Access the Services, Programs & Training page from the menu across the top

Spillett Leadership University Access

Note: Due to recent updates Cornerstone recommends that if using Google Chrome you update to the most recent version Chrome v111. Please refer to Appendix A for instructions on how to identify your current version and reinstall the most recent version.

  1. Locate and click the Training & Development link from the dropdown menu page.

  1. First time users will be required to complete the member profile information as follows, all others skip to step 7:

  1. Review / update your member profile captured on the left

NOTE: Please verify your affiliation and position and update if necessary. This information automatically populates the Professional Category noted on the right and the school you are aligned to in the university. Depending on the Professional Category associated, you may be asked to respond to a follow up question.

  1. Complete the fields to the right and click the Submit button.

  2. Verify the accuracy of the information entered and click Confirm.

  1. You will be logged into Spillett Leadership University and taken to the appropriate welcome page.

Appendix A: Google Chrome Update 

Due to recent technical issues recently identified, Spillett Leadership University recommends that learners install the latest google chrome update as this includes coding to correct previously identified bugs. Please following the instructions noted below to verify current version and install most recent version if needed.

To manually update to the latest version click the Options > Help > About Google Chrome.

Update Google Chrome - Click Options, Help, About Google Chrome

There you’ll see the current version you’re running and that an update is available. Click Relaunch, and it will update it to the latest version which should be v111.