Competency Assessment Summary

Access Your Competency Assessment Summary at Any Time

1. You may wish to review your Competency Assessment Summary again at a later time. From the SLU Welcome page, click the menu icon, then Performance and click on the Competency Assessment Summary link from the drop-down menu that appears.

2. To view the assessment summary, click on the View icon

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3. You are then directed to your Assessment Summary Page. You first see your average ratings by competency Factor (parent category). Click the green or red bar to drill down to the competency level. Drill down again to view individual item ratings.

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4. Click on the View Assessment Report link to view and download the Individual Competency Ratings Analysis PDF.

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5. Use the drop-down menu to view your competency strengths and development areas, and to view recommended development actions that are based on your average competency ratings. Recommended Actions can be selected and added to a development plan.

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6. Choose ‘Recommended Actions’ from the drop-down menu and a menu of recommended development actions and training appears, grouped by competency. Click the checkbox next to items you wish to add to a development plan. If you previously created a plan from this screen, you can add additional items to it from here.

7. When you have selected all the recommendations you wish to add to your plan, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Create Dev Plan button. This will instantly create a development plan for you or add the items to your existing plan. If you later wish to return to this screen and add additional recommendations to your plan, you may. Just follow the same steps. Click Done to exit the screen.

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