Transcript Status Report

These instructions provide guidance for locating and accessing the Transcript Report allowing you to generate, view and export a report of individuals and their progress through training and/or curricula in Spillett Leadership University.

Accessing the Report

  1. From the Welcome page, click Standard Reports on the Quick Links Toolbar.

  1. OR you can also access from the Navigation menu by clicking the icon at the top right (SEE BELOW).

  1. Click on the Training button at the top of the page. Scroll down and select the Transcript Status Report

  1. The Transcript Status Report page is presented enabling you to select the criteria and generate the desired transcript report.

Generating the Report

  1. DATE CRITERIA – enter a date range or select an option within the dropdown (e.g. “This Year”).
    This filter your results based on when learning objects were added to a user’s transcript, so you may want to adjust your date back a year to capture all offerings. 

  1. USER CRITERIA defaults to all users within your organization. To search all users within your organization, proceed to step #10.

To search by user, select “Users” in the dropdown and follow instructions, and proceed to next step. 

  1. Click the selection icon  Search icon

  1. Enter the search criteria in the Select User window for the individuals you want to include in the report and click Search

  1. From the search result click the icon next to each individual you would like to include in the report.

NOTE: You may continue the search and selection process until you have selected all desired individuals. 

  1. Once the selection process is complete click the DONE button at the bottom of the Select User window.

NOTE: Selecting CLOSE will result in LOSS of selections and you will need to repeat the process. 

  1. Select from the list of filters, as shown below. To track annual Safety compliance training, please be sure to select the option to include ‘Recurring Training.’ 

  1. PROCESS REPORT - scroll to the bottom of the screen to the Process Report section and enter a name for your report in the Report Title textbox

  1. Click Process Report

  1. The page refreshes and the report is queued for processing. 

NOTE: It may take 2-3 minutes to process the report.

  1.  You may continue to navigate through Spillett Leadership University while the report processes. 

  1. After waiting a couple of minutes either return to the Transcript Status Report page from the landing page, or if you remained on the same page simply refresh your browser screen.

  1. Once processed, the report will provide an option to export the report to Excel so you may view or save it locally. 

  1. Click the Excel  icon to open the report in Excel.

NOTE: Once created, you may return and rerun the report at any time, simply click the refresh  button to refresh with the latest data and once processed export to Excel.