Training Progress Summary Pie Chart Report

These instructions provide guidance for locating and accessing the Training Progress Summary Report allowing you to generate, view and export a pie chart summary of users’ progress for a specific training item. 

Accessing the Report

  1. From the Welcome page, click Standard Reports on the Quick Links Toolbar.

  1. OR you can also access from the Navigation menu by clicking the icon at the top right.

  1. Click on the Training button at the top of the page. Scroll down and select the Training Progress Summary Pie Chart Report

  1. The Training Progress Summary Pie Chart Report page is presented enabling you to select the criteria and generate the desired transcript report.

Generating the Report

  1. DATE CRITERIA – enter a date range or select an option within the dropdown. If not selected, it will generate all records for the desired user(s).

  1. USER CRITERIA – enter your user criteria. If not selected, it will generate all user records for the desired training. User Criteria options are as follows: 

    1. Division = BGC Organization

    2. Position = Professional Category/School Affiliation

    3. Cost Center = N/A

    4. Location = Region

    5. Org Site = BGC Org Site 

    6. Users = Active SLU Users

  1. If no selection is made, it will generate all records for all users associated with the desired training. 

  1. Once the selection process is complete click the DONE button at the bottom of the Select User window.

NOTE: Selecting CLOSE will result in LOSS of selections and you will need to repeat the process. 

In this example, let’s see a visual display of users’ progress within the “Core: An Orientation to the Boys & Girls Club Movement” online class. 

  1. Click the selection icon  Search icon  for Training Title.

  1. Deselect all training types, except for the Online Class training type and type “Orientation” in the search box. 

  1. Click Search.

  1. Click the  icon to make your selection.

  1. Be sure to include the option to “Include inactive users.” 

  1. Click Search

  1. It will then display the results of your report.

  1. To print or export the report, click on the options provided.