1. Log in to MyBGCA.net then click on the Spillett Leadership University icon to access SLU

  2. From the Home page, type ‘facility’ in the search field that appears in the top right corner of the portal and press ‘Enter.’

Graphical user interface

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  1. From the initial Global Search results screen, click ‘Forms’ in the sidebar menu to the left to further filter the search results.

  1. The Training Facility Owner Request form now appears in your search results.  Click on the form name to launch and complete the form.

  1. The form opens.  Read through all of the content of the form before completing its required fields and clicking submit.  In order to serve as a TFO you must acknowledge and agree to adhere to BGCA guidelines and requirements for the role.

  1. If after reading through the details you still wish to proceed, click to check the Acknowledgement and Agreement box, type your full name into the Electronic Signature field, and click the Submit for Approval button at the bottom of the form.  Do NOT attempt to change any information in the Facility Approver Instructions section.  If you do not wish to proceed, just click the Cancel button at the bottom to close the form without submitting.

  1. Once submitted, you simply wait for form approval from your CEO and BGCA.  Once those approvals are received, you will be assigned the Training Facility Owner curriculum on your SLU transcript and must complete that curriculum before you are granted TFO permissions.