Before Creating a Learning Assignment

Before assigning training, determine if the training has a fee associated with it and/or a pre-requisite that must be completed before the training can be assigned.

As of Oct 2023, only 6 training titles have fees associated with them and they are listed in the Appendix 3 on page 41.  However, given this can change over time, to determine if a training has a fee,

  • Search for it in the catalog by clicking the magnifying glass (1) in the upper right corner of the SLU home page

  • Type the title of the training in the Search Spillett Leadership University box (2) and press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to execute the search

  • If it returns a result with a 

  • Training Price (3), the CEO or Org Admin needs to pay for the training before it is assigned.  

  • For more information, please see the Org Admin Guide 

  •  and refer to the section “Bulk Participation Enrollment of Fee Base Instructor-Led (ILT) Training Sessions” and then follow instructions on how to purchase and assign seats.

To determine if a training has a pre-requisite,

  • Click the title of the training in the search results

If a training title has Prerequisites it will be listed as shown below.

If a training title (for example Athlete Protection, Part 2), has a prerequisite (for example Athlete Protection, Part 1)  that has not been completed, even if a learning assignment is created to assign Part 2, it will not be assigned to users that have not completed Part 1.  

Assign Training

To assign training to one or more users in your organization, from the SLU home page,

  • Click the Assign Training icon (1) 
  • or click the menu bars in the upper right corner (2) and select Admin > Learning Assignment Tool (3) to navigate to the Manage Learning Assignments page. 


  • Click Create Assignment.   

Appendix 1 - Learning Object Guide   A close-up of a document

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Appendix 2 - SLU Glossary of Terms 


Standard Learning AssignmentA standard learning assignment is a one-time assignment of a training or trainings to a user or group of users.
Dynamic Learning Assignment
A dynamic learning assignment assigns training on an ongoing basis to users as they meet the criteria for the assignment.  They are often used to assign training to new hires or internal transfers to new positions or locations.
Recurring Learning Assignment
A recurring learning assignment is assigns training to users repeatedly at a pre-determined frequency.  It is typically used for compliance or safety training that requires annual retraining
Training Type
Training Type categorizes training items into buckets of how they are delivered and tracked such as on-demand, SCORM based Online Courses, live in person & virtual web conference Events, documents and presentations known as Materials, a grouping of content called a curriculum and others types such as test & videos.
Organizational Unit or OU
OUs form the administrative foundation and hierarchy in SLU and organize user data into containers for assigning training to BGC organizations, positions and users.


Division is an OU in SLU that equates to Organization at BGC
Positions in SLU include Board Leadership, CVO, Safety Committee Chair, Executive Leadership, CPO/CEO, Mgt, Site Director, Resource Development &  Youth Development

    Appendix 3 – Titles with Fees

As of October 2023, the following are the only training titles with fees.

Training TitleFee
Advanced Leadership Program-Leading for Impact (In Person)$250.00
InsideOut Coaching Virtual Training$75.00
MALP Event$50.00
Methods TOT Live Training$150.00
The Leadership Challenge VIRTUAL Training$75.00
YDALP Event$50.00

Appendix 4 - Training Titles with Pre-Reqs

As of Oct 2023 below is a list of training titles with pre-reqs


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Since the configuration of training titles can change over time, a report is available to help identify titles with pre-reqs since completion of a pre-req is required before a training title can be assigned.

  • Click the Reporting 2.0 icon on the SLU Home page

  • Select a report call HR-Operations Leadership – Courses with Pre-requisite(s)

To search for a training title,

  • In the filters at the top, click Select Training (1) 

  • Type the Title of the Training in Search by Training Title (2)

  • Click the check box next to the title (3)

  • Click blue Select button in the bottom left corner

  • Click Refresh button in upper right corner (4)

  • If it returns a result in the Prerequisite Training Title column (5) then it confirms the training title has a prerequisite required before it can be assigned.

Appendix 5 – Assign Event & Session

If you assign people to a session on a designated date and time, please also assign them to the event.  In the example below, when Selecting Training to assign, the filter for Training Type is set to Event.

  • Place a checkmark next to the event

  • Click the right facing arrow to see a list of sessions.

  • Place a checkmark next to session

  • Click Select in the bottom right corner of the page