Create a Dynamic Assignment

A dynamic learning assignment processes either daily or one time per year and assigns training to users who newly meet the user criteria.  Examples include dynamically assigning onboarding to new hires on a daily basis or assigning safety/compliance training on a yearly basis.

The creation of a Dynamic Learning Assignment is the same as the standard assignment except for

  • In the Setup step, in the Assignment Type section, select Dynamic (process continuously or periodically)

  • The Schedule step has three additional sections

  • Processing Frequency – Daily or Annually

  • Processing End Date – Options depend on Processing Frequency

  • Recurrence – Options depend on Processing Frequency 

Dynamic - Process Annually

In the options step, if Processing Frequency is set to Annually, then

  • Set a Processing Start Date and Time.  The assignment will run annually on this date.

  • If applicable, set a Processing End Date if you want to stop assigning after a certain date.  Otherwise, the assignment will assign the training annually on the Start Date and Time to any new users who have met the User Criteria since the last assignment.

  • If you want this training to be assigned every year to everyone on the start date, enable Recurrence by toggling it on. The training will be reassigned each year indefinitely, until the date you specify or after a certain number of occurrences as long as the training is configured to allow recurrence. 

Note the black information icons to aid in learning assignment creation. 

Dynamic - Process Daily

Setting Processing Frequency to Daily is typically used to assign training to new hires or position/location changes.  The system looks for people who met the criteria for assignment since the last time it ran the day before.

  • Set a Processing Start Date which can be immediately, on a specific date or relative to hire date. the 

  • If applicable, set a Processing End Date if you want to stop assigning after a certain date.  Otherwise, the assignment will assign the training daily to any new users who meet the User Criteria since yesterday’s assignment. PLEASE REFRAIN from using the RELATIVE DATE FIELD as these custom fields are NOT aligned with your organization’s HRIS system, for example, SLU does not capture hire dates for local Club professionals. 

  • Select a Training Due Date option which can either be no due date, a number of days after the date assigned, or annually on a specified date.

  • If you want this training to be assigned more than once, enable Recurrence by toggling it on. The training can be reassigned relative date assigned, the date completed or registration date or annually.  Recurrence can end after a specified, date, the number of occurrences or never.

Inactivate a Dynamic Assignment

From the Manage Learning Assignments page, make use of the filters to find the dynamic learning assignment. 

  • Click Filter

  • From the Type drop down, place a checkmark in front of just Dynamic.  

  • Click Apply Filters.

  • At the right end of a dynamic assignment, click the drop-down arrow and select View Summary

On the next page, click the toggle next to Active to inactivate the dynamic learning assignment.

Remove a Dynamic Assignment

To remove training assigned by a dynamic assignment, the dynamic assignment must first be set to Inactive.  (see previous page Inactivate a Dynamic Assignment)

Once inactive, the Remove button becomes available in the Removal Settings section of the Assignment Summary page if there are users listed on the Assigned tab in the Transcript History box. To force the removal of the Assignment and the item from the user(s)’ transcript(s), Click Remove.


Review the Warning and select Remove or Cancel.

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