Digital Learning Badges Overview

Digital Learning Badges are a visual representation of skills, knowledge, or achievements individuals earn through various learning experiences. Digital Badges are records of your professional development. They can be personalized. Spillett Leadership University (SLU) uses Digital Badges to showcase your achievements in the learning experiences that are tailored to your unique growth and development. Badges are used to encourage and motivate users. Users enjoy collecting badges and take pride in their digital portfolios. They also make it easier for staff to share their achievements with their managers.

What are the benefits of earning a digital badge?

Badge Earner

•        Broadcast Achievements. Publicize skills and achievements to peers, and others.

•        Motivate Participation. Provides instant recognition for achievement.

•        Engagement and Retention. Working harder to earn badges = increased engagement.

•        Develop a personal brand.

How are Learning Badges earned?

Learning – The Badge is mapped to a training and automatically awarded upon completion of the training.

1) How A User Views a Digital Badge Aligned to a Training

  • Digital badges are aligned to learning objects and are awarded when the user completes the training.
  • Select the magnifying glass to search for the training. Type in the title of the training within the search bar at the top of the Home Screen.

Select the appropriate title from the search results.

2) How A User Selects a Training with a Digital Badge

  • Navigate to the training title details page.
  • Notice the Learning Badge associated with the training title. (Digital Badge is called, “Safety First”)
  • Select the requested title. The training title now resides on your transcript.

  • Navigate to your Home Page
  • Launch and complete the training title located within your My Training Widget
  • Upon completion of the training, you will be awarded the badge.

Viewing the Awarded Learning Badge

The badge does not appear on the default transcript details screen.

Upon completion of the training, navigate to your Transcript. Select the status drop-down menu and select the Completed training status. Locate the completed training and select the View Completion Page.

Training Completion 


The Training Completion page is a page that is available when you complete the training.


Depending on the configuration of the training, the Training Completion page may display badges that were awarded and provide opportunities to rate and review the training, view a certificate of completion, and evaluate the training.

If a Training Completion page is available for a training item, then the user can always manually navigate to the page via the Transcript Details page once the training is completed.

Snapshot - My Badges

The My Badges page enables users, managers, and administrators to view all the badges that the user has been awarded. This page displays all types of Learning Badges.


To access the My Badges page, click the Badges widget on the Universal Profile - Snapshot page.

Snapshot – Badges

Enables users to view the Badges widget and subpage within the Universal Profile - Snapshot page for users within their permission constraints. Any user with this permission will be able to view their own Badges widget when the widget is enabled.

 Universal Profile

 Total Number

 of Badges


In the upper-right corner of the page, the total number of times a User has been awarded a badge is displayed. If the User has been awarded the same badge multiple times, then each time is counted as a separate occurrence in this total.