Any user may review and print previous transactions at any time from the My Account screen in SLU.

  • Navigate to My Account via the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the portal.
  • From the My Account screen, click on My Orders from the sidebar menu.
  • Your previous transactions appear on the My Orders screen, sorted so that most recent order appears first.

  • The payment method appears.  In practice, you can expect to see three possible payment methods on transactions:
    1. Credit Card – User paid via credit card
    2. Training Units – User applied training units to pay for training session registration
    3. Cost Center – There was no price for the training, so the user did not go through the shopping cart/checkout process.
  • Click on a Transaction ID to view the details for that transaction.


  • The transaction details appear.  Click the drop down selector on the right side of the screen to print the order details.